Hygiene is pivotal at Kids’ Academy. Cleaning and sanitation is standard are upmost importance.  Furthermore, we train children to stay clean and healthy at all times. We encourage preschoolers to take over the brushing, scrubbing and rinsing themselves is an important step in the development of a preschooler’s independence. We are particularly aware of our responsibility to try and minimize the risk of illness or the possible spread of communicable diseases among our students. This teaches our children basic hygiene concepts to children at a young age will form the groundwork of a healthy lifestyle in the future. Also, for example, we use paper towels and liquid soap to reduce the passage of germs and bacteria from child to child. We have even placed air purifiers in every classroom to help minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in the air. From these and other diligent efforts by our staff, we are most proud to say that Kids’ Academy places highest importance on hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness.