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Mandarin Bilingual Programme

With Mandarin becoming a truly global language that is now taught in many UK schools from an early age our bilingual programme will be a best of both worlds for those looking to increase their child’s understanding, speaking and listening skills in both English and Mandarin.  The day will be split between the two languages.  Exposure to both languages in a way that appeals to children’s joy of learning and their natural curiosity will maximise their potential and bring them closer to becoming bilingual adults. This programme is available for children 18 months to 5 years.

The timetable includes all the children’s favourite activities such as cooking, swimming, sand play and physical development etc. alongside the academically focused curriculum. The holistic and multi-dimensional approach integrates many interesting aspects of the Mandarin language such as culture, music, art etc., helping children to appreciate the language better and develop in them a genuine interest in the language at a very young age.

Our learning is topic based, with an exciting range covered to engage the children in a variety of different ways; for example, topics may include Space, Under the Sea, Dinosaurs, or Fairy Tales etc. The topics will be taught in both languages to ensure full understanding, and develop and extend vocabulary.  Learning areas such as personal, social and emotional development, expressive art and design, understanding the world and physical development will be also covered in both languages so there is a level of cross over between the two curriculums that make the learning cohesive.


As with our English curriculum the focus will be placed on communication and language, mathematics and literacy while following the learning goals set out in the EYFS, just in Mandarin.  The children will increase their vocabulary, learn more about Chinese culture, as well as the world around them.  Learning language in their everyday context of life, play and exploration, helps to maximize exposure.  The topics covered in the English part of the day will be mirrored in Mandarin, whereas, things like traditional calligraphy and songs will also be covered.

The classroom will provide plenty of opportunity to become familiar with both languages as everything will be labelled in Mandarin and English.  The use of language immersion through fully trained native speaking teachers who foster a tactile, multi-sensory learning environment will strengthen language acquisition and build confidence to be able to use it in everyday life.

There are many ways we will incorporate Chinese culture into the curriculum, from Taichi (太极 ) and movement skills in physical development, learning about mythical dragons and legends through role play and puppetry, artistic expression and calligraphy, to cooking dumplings or other Chinese foods; the list could go on and on!  This all fits very well with the EYFS framework whilst bringing to life and celebrating Chinese language, heritage and culture.

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