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Summer is about fun, games and exploring. Kids’ Academy offers creative learning and fun-filled programmes over the summer holiday period in July and August. Our programme is packed with activities that will spark their imagination.

English Fun Camp

Each week our English fun camps embark on new explorations that engage your children’s minds in environments that foster their self-esteem and their understanding of the world around them. Children will also be able to enjoy sand play, music and physical development classes such as swimming, yoga and ball skills. 

Intensive English Camp

In this camp, our qualified and experienced English teachers will give your child the opportunity to get a head start with the British Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme and Oxford Guided Reading Tree Programme. The teacher will split the class into groups to allow for varying abilities. Children will also be able to enjoy sand play, music and physical development classes such as swimming, yoga and ball skills.

Fun Mandarin Camp

At this camp, our specialist Mandarin teacher will help your child will improve their speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese. Children will be able to practice their Chinese and at the same time learn about Chinese stories, culture and art. Children will also be able to enjoy free play in our well-equipped playground and outdoor area.

Thai Intensive Camp

In Thai camp children will learn about Thai history, poems, Thai manners, geography and culture. Children will learn more about the Thai way of life, present and past. Thai language will be taught in small groups to match with their ability.

Our teacher will be teaching the girls Thai Classical dance (Rum Thai). Classes will begin with the awareness actions used in Thai Classical Dances. Pupils will then learn basic movement and choreographic skills with music. The skills and knowledge acquired will allow them to begin working independently and with a partner in creating and performing dances. Meanwhile, the boys will have the opportunity to practice and learn many skills in Thai boxing.

Children will enjoy cooking Thai food, making Thai flower garlands amongst many other traditional Thai activities. They will also learn how to play many Thai games both inside and outside of the classroom. They will have the chance to sample many delicious Thai snacks! There will also be a specially organized day trip each year to places such as the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall.

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