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About Imagination

Kids’ Academy – A place to play and learn!

To children, play is the most important word in their vocabulary – for, as they play, they learn. Through planned, purposeful play children gather valuable information and develop critical skills that will support academic success.

Our new International Pre-School through to Primary School (Year 6) has a distinctive futuristic design to inspire creativity and is equipped to develop the future thinkers and leaders of tomorrow, with an English/Mandarin emersion programme. In our state-of-the-art campus, we focus on building a child’s self-confidence as well as encouraging them to become strong individuals, thinkers, creators, and responsible adults. Located conveniently behind Paradise Park, Srinakarin near Bangna Trad highway.

School Facilities

Facilities include a distinctive STEM Science Centre, Art Centre, Circular Library, Performance Auditorium, ICT centre, music centre, 25-metre swimming pool, basketball court, football field, bike track, sand pit, kindergarten playground, and primary playground.

Our environment is set up in a manner that gives these independent explorers the freedom to gather facts and information in a setting that is consistent, safe and engaging. Our school has only safe, age appropriate resources that will keep children interested in their learning.

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