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About Sensory

Kids’ Academy – A place to play and learn!

To children, play is the most important word in their vocabulary – for, as they play, they learn. Through planned, purposeful play children gather valuable information and develop critical skills that will support academic success.

Our second campus nestled at the end of Ekamai soi 2 has a bright, spacious and natural setting with ample open green space with a natural landscape and fun playground.  Here we offer the International, Mandarin and Japanese Bilingual Programmes from nursery to early primary school.

School Facilities

The facilities include a playground, swimming pool, sand pit, race track, basketball court, football field and a large sensory concept playground. In the sensory playground children have access to exploration zones including: mountain, forest, water, earth, sky zones, as well as an outdoor performance amphi-theatre, rock climbing hills, creative block play, football field and a basketball court. The Sensory concept playground allows children to be able to make sense of the outdoor world, through a spacious outdoor environment where they can explore nature and enhance their understanding of their senses.

Our environment is set up in a manner that gives these independent explorers the freedom to gather facts and information in a setting that is consistent, safe and engaging. Our school has only safe, age appropriate resources that will keep children interested in their learning.

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