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Early Years IQ Play (3-5 years)

Kids’ Academy uses an IQ Play and Brain Gym scheme. We were one of the first International Pre-schools in Thailand to use this teaching style. We spent a lot of time researching the different schemes available and the benefits to the children.

A person’s IQ is their level of intelligence. Intelligence is not “fixed” as we once thought, but it can be taught. IQ Play will improve your child’s intellectual abilities. It will develop a rich personality, individuality, creativity and an independent mind just to name a few.

What will your child gain from IQ Play?

If IQ Play is started at a young age. You will see improvement in many areas. Here are some examples.

There are so many benefits to your child, especially:

  • Concentration and willingness to participate.

  • The ability to gain knowledge.

  • The ability to apply knowledge to new situations in their life.

  • The ability to review situations and make appropriate decisions

They will also find it easier to get into prestigious schools.

How does IQ Play work?

Brain Development is split into 3 main stages.

  • From the age of 0 to 3 years old is the Stage of Imitation.
    Copying people and the world around them.

  • From 3 years to 10 years is the Stage of Creation.
    Children learn to think and make decisions without help from others.

  • After 10 years old is the Stage of Completion.
    By this Stage all brain cell links have been made.

Here at Kids’ Academy we begin our IQ Play at age 3. This is the most important stage for developing intelligence. The psychologist Dr. Guilford believes that at 3 years old, a child can be taught intelligence. He says that intellect is a combination of 3 areas:

  • Operations or what a person does.

  • Contents or the things we ‘operate’ on.

  • Products or the way we store the information.

How do we teach IQ Play?

Early years IQ Play is taught through games, activities and lots of fun. There is no need to worry that your child will be bored. They will have competitions, matching games, drawing and much more. The children look forward to IQ Play every week. This is because it is so hands-on and the children really get involved making decisions for themselves and extending their imagination.

Brain Gym is a warm-up to IQ Play. At the beginning of every lesson and as a calm-down session at the end, the children will play a few Brain Gym games to get their minds ready for action!

The objectives of our classes are to stimulate each intelligent cell in the brain and improve thinking ability whilst playing. The materials we use have been carefully selected according to Dr Guilford’s theory of Intelligent Education and we have made sure they are lots of fun too!

The children don’t even realise that they are developing intelligence. To them, they are just playing and having lots of fun with their friends and exciting new toys.

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