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Getting Your Child Prepared for School

Nursery school enrolment enables a child to get used to socialization and a school-type environment before compulsory classes begin at the kindergarten level. This is important to you as a parent as well as to a child’s adjustment and development. By taking this type of initiative, you will be able to provide more benefits to your child academically and socially.

Why Preparation Benefits a Child

To make sure that a child is well prepared for starting school officially, it is important to get him or her used to the idea. This can easily be done by having him or her attend nursery school classes. Doing so will help your child realize the following benefits:

  • He or she can learn certain development skills before he or she enters the classroom compulsorily. Also, he or she can take advantage of the period of learning that leads to quick development, primarily during the first five years of life.

  • He or she can get used to listening and sitting in a class setting. This will make it easier for him or her to acclimate himself to school and help him or her get used to the idea of behaving appropriately.

  • He or she can familiarize himself or herself with the classroom early and engage in activities that are often introduced in school.

  • He or she can start following an educational program that will form the foundation of the skills that he or she will learn when he or she officially begins school.

People who offer nursery school developmental programs understand the importance of early development. Children can become scared if they are not acclimated to the classroom environment when they are young. As a result, they can have behavioral, emotional, and academic difficulties when they finally begin school. You do not want this to happen to your child. By initiating him or her early to a school-type environment, you will give him or her the self-esteem that he or she needs to do well socially and educationally.

Take a Tour of the Nursery school Facility

When making a decision for a nursery school, you need to first tour the facility. Take your child along to gauge his or her responses and reactions. Some schools offer a free trial day for this specific purpose. That way, both you and your child can take a full tour of the facility and meet the teaching staff. Touring a nursery school is advantageous for both the parent and the child.

Not only will you get to see the place where your child will be learning but you can meet the children attending the school as well. You will get a better idea of how he or she feels about attending the learning facility. If you have an enquiries about the school, you can ask them at that time as well.

Why Nursery school Is Better Than Daycare

By the time your child reaches the age that he or she must go to kindergarten level, you both will be able to handle the experience. That is why choosing a nursery school and enrolling your child in this type of program is better than choosing a daycare option. Nursery school makes it possible for children to acclimate themselves to the classroom environment.

Children officially become of a compulsory age in the UK when they turn five years of age. They must have their birthday between 1st January and 31st March when they begin a school term after 1st April. If children become five years old between the beginning of April and the end of August, they are of a compulsory age at the start of a school term after 1st September.

If your child will be turning five years old in a few years and you still have him or her in daycare, now is the time to get your child involved in a nursery school environment. Doing so will benefit both of you. Parents who are not used to collecting their children from nursery school may feel anxious about their children starting school. This type of anxiety can be felt by the child. Therefore, enrolling a child in nursery school is good for both of you. Both you and your little boy or girl will get used to this type of routine, which will make the transition into compulsory school much easier.

Socialization Outside the Classroom

Before your child begins school officially, prepare him or her and you by adapting your child to the services provided in a nursery school facility. Next, learn more about the new school that he will be attending in the future. That way you too can get accustomed to the new facility. It also helps to meet other parents in the area who have children of the same age. You can arrange for activities for your children that will get them used to socializing outside the classroom.

Taking a proactive stance is necessary if you want to relieve the stress that comes with starting a new school. Preparation is the key ingredient to succeeding in anything in life. That is why you need to focus on preparing your child for attending school when he or she turns five. By taking this approach, you will feel better about the overall prospect and he or she will feel better too.

Reduce the Anxiety

Children often feel it when a parent is anxious. That is why it pays to know all you can about the nursery school or kindergarten that your child attends. Learn to take it one step at a time. This is a new experience for both of you. Again, preparation makes everything less stressful. That is why you need to make sure that your child is well socialized and used to the classroom before he or she must officially attend school.

If you feel that your child is insecure about certain aspects of the experience, take time to see where you can help. For example, if he or she is shy about socializing with other children, arrange play activities at your home so your child can get used to communicating with children his or her own age. If your child needs reassurance, you can provide it to him or her. Start by preparing him or her socially and educationally.

When that first day of school finally arrives, you do not have to linger long at the school. Your child will know what to do. Make sure that you say farewell quickly to make the transition routine and normal. Even a nervous child will feel calmer if a parent leaves the school in this manner. Preparation is only half the battle. Once your child attends school his or her first day, you will know that you have won.

At Kids’ academy has over 15 years experience in child-care from nursery to primary school. Early preparation at nursery level is proven to help children develop the necessary skills to letter reach their full learning and exploring potential. Please contact us for further information.


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