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Banana and Rolling Pin
Mission & Vision

We aim to provide our children with an enriching and safe environment where they learn from an early age to be independent thinkers, to work with each other cooperatively, to foster a love for learning and to think about the ever changing world around them. We aim to build the foundations for the leaders and innovators of tomorrow through confidence and limitless thinking and creativity.

Our objectives are to:

  • Recognize and celebrate that every child is unique and independent.

  • Encourage children to develop a base of loving and secure relationships with parents, teachers and peers.

  • Extend childrens’ development and learning, whilst giving them every
    opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Ignite a lifelong love of learning and curiosity.

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Our Story

Since 2003 Kids’ Academy has grown from its humble beginnings at Kids’ Academy ‘Discovery’ campus – starting in a house and garden ‘home from home’ setting shaded by a canopy of fruit trees giving children encouragement to take their first steps into education through countless activities such as swimming, sand play, arts and crafts, outdoor learning, and role play. Our focus has always been on paying close attention to each unique child and making sure they reach their full potential. Graduating children are readily accepted at major international schools in Bangkok. The ‘Discovery’ campus was renovated in 2018 to ensure we can continue to deliver a high quality education with the latest resources.

With strong demand, Kids’ Academy ‘Sensory’ campus was further commissioned with an extensive 1,600sqm nature-thematic “Sensory Playground” offering a miniature world for kids to experience the outdoors in the heart of Ekamai/Sukhumvit.  The fun playground features mountains/rock climbing, large treehouse, desert sand play, fountain play, veggie garden, amphitheatre for student performances, with full sport facilities including swimming pool, football field, basketball court, and bike track. Facilities are ample to support childhood needs – running, jumping, climbing, racing, rolling and making a big mess – it’s what childhood is all about!

Our latest Kids’ Academy ‘Imagination’ campus is a state of the art education facility that takes children into the world of the future, with facilities and learning tools to support children’s imagination and creative thinking beyond limits. The campus features a science centre, arts centre, circular library, performance auditorium, 25 metre swimming pool, bike track, football field and basketball court. The campus programme starts from pre-school/playgroup until primary school (year 6). This campus in conveniently located at the heart of the Srinakarin area behind the popular Paradise Park shopping complex and close to the Bangna Trad highway

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